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Generating Leads with SEO in Real Estate

If the whole Coronavirus pandemic has taught us in the real estate industry anything, it is that if you have a strong website, you are a busy agent today. I am going to give you some tips to help you maximize your website's SEO strategy.

To understand everything that I am about to tell you, you must understand a simple concept. Your primary objective in creating or redeveloping your website should be to marry what potential buyers are searching for, with specific pages on your website. Nothing else matters. Period.

For Example: If you live in the City of Fort Myers and you want to generate leads for "Fort Myers Real Estate" searches, you need to have a "Fort Myers Real Estate" page on your website. It needs to be titled and tagged with " Fort Myers Real Estate" as the H1 tag, Any pictures on that page should be tagged the same way.

You have should have outside content such as Facebook, Pinterest and Blogs that contains links back to that page. Links to that outside content should also be displayed on that page.

Google and other search engines, read these tags and crawl in and outbound links to determine relevancy. The way to make it to the top of google is to have a lot of content that is relative to the search term.

With that being said, in Fort Myers we have about 10,000 real estate agents that want to generate the same leads. " Fort Myers Real Estate" So a Facebook page, Pinterest board and Blog probably wont land you at the top of Google. Don't worry though.

Since Fort Myers is made up of many smaller sections and gated communities, you can use those to your advantage.

Picking a handful of communities within your market and creating pages for them on your website is a great way to generate leads. For example If you want to generate leads from your website for " Riverfront Condo's in Fort Myers" You need to have a page that matches that exact description.

Most websites allow you to duplicate pages, so it might be smart to add another page titled "Fort Myers Riverfront Condos" Or River District Condos. The more that you do this, the better chances you have a generating leads and SEO.

Here is a visual; By adding links to your primary farming area to your homepage, you are sending buyers and sellers the message that you are the expert in this market.

Fort Myers Title Co

From there you want to have specific pages on your website for each community, like this:

Generate SEO in Real Estate

If your website allows you to duplicate pages, all that you have to do is change a few tags on each page. Its fast and easy.

Fort Myers Realtors

From there you want to make sure you add an IDX feed that will show potential buyers properties that are available. Like this:

Title Companies in Fort Myers

And last but not least, you want content related to your page that contains links to this specific page. Create Pinterest Boards, Facebook Pages, Blogs and Tweets that link to this page.

SEO for Realtors

From there, search engines will do the rest. If you are in a hurry, you can even run Google Ads PPC Campaigns, to drive traffic, even faster.

Good Luck out there and stay safe.


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